Assisting Lawyers In These Difficult Times

March 13th, 2009 by Jim Cotterman

Many law firms are reducing salaries and laying off associates and partners as they struggle with the economic recession.  Many of these laid-off lawyers may benefit from people experienced in dealing with traumatic events such as these.  We encourage them to refer those lawyers to the lawyer assistance program in their state or to the ABA for a referral to their state lawyer assistance program.  The majority of the programs provide free services (98%) and are handling crisis counseling, post traumatic stress, career transition, stress, depression, suicide prevention, anger management as well as addictions (and relapses).  The toll free number for referrals is 1-866-LAW-LAPS (or 312-988-5713 direct) or they can access their lawyer assistance programs through CoLAP’s website

This referral is a free service provided by the ABA in order to help all lawyers with health and well-being issues, especially those lawyers who may not have the tools to deal with sudden loss of employment, insurance, fear of how will I pay the bills, law school loans, feed my family, etc.  There are real risks to lives when people are placed in such a sudden crisis with this type of trauma.  Many LAPs are setting up support meetings for those in this type of situation and they are facilitated by an expert.  It is lawyers-helping lawyers.  For more information, contact:

Donna L. Spilis, Staff Director
ABA Commission on Lawyer Assistance Programs
321 N. Clark Street, 19th Floor
Chicago, IL 60654-7598
Ph: 312-988-5359 or 1-800-238-2667 Ext. 5359
Fax: 312-988-5785

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